Our journey with Digital Marketing begun as a personal mission rather than with the end goal of setting up a digital marketing agency. We were entrepreneurs at the very beginning and we thought to ourselves how we as a small local startup would be able to differentiate ourselves from the big players who had hundreds and thousands worth of marketing dollars in their war chest. The answer back then and now was the same; Digital Marketing.

We realised that we could not afford to go heads up in terms of marketing dollars with the big boys, and had to turn to Digital Marketing to give us a level playing field, to put us on the map and focus on areas the big players were not looking at.

That quest to make our marketing dollars work 10x harder than that of our competitors led us to discover digital tools such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The beauty of these tools were not just about the effectiveness of them, but that the players with the biggest war chest may not always win. We learnt that if we were able to fine tune our ads, we would be able to out rank our competitors and have our ads be twice as efficient as our competitors.

Aside from Search, the digital equation also included the use of Social Media Marketing including Facebook and Instagram. Social Media was a great tool to add to our digital arsenal as it allowed us to target and raise awareness of our brand amongst consumers who were not even looking for us.

While running targeted campaigns were crucial on social, creating great content that would tell our brand story played a huge role on the probability of success. Photos, animations and videos that could capture attention and tell the brand story to drive conversion and sales.

The success of our personal business lay the pathway of our Digital capabilities in which we then used to replicate and apply to various other industries including wedding photography, an award winning travel blog and many others.

Today, aside from applying Digital Marketing to our own businesses, we help our local SME clients strategise and implement their own digital transformation journey as they go against much bigger players.

After running over half a million dollars worth of ads, we know what works and we found the optimal way to market businesses online. We keep ourselves abreast of the latest technological and algorithms changes, and constantly try them out with our own businesses to find the optimal strategies that we can then use to implement for our clients.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the worth of every marketing dollar and work hard to ensure that with every dollar that goes out, two would return.

Forget the burden of marketing and focus on the things that actually drive your business. Let us help you with your marketing efforts with what we know with absolute certainty works. We know, because we’ve been there.